The JAWEGI Foundation




The JAWEGI Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) seeking organization committed to helping inner city youth reach their full potential via the creation, production and promotion of artistic endeavors and by developing skills and abilities that reflect the many faces of the American experience and the cultural diversity of our community.  JAWEGI endeavors to expose inner city youth to career options in the arts and education by involving them first-hand in real-life arts and entertainment productions.  Through our work, we aim to cultivate understanding between and respect for the wide spectrum of people inhabiting our society.



• To develop appreciation for the arts through youth education and youth-oriented productions


• To utilize the arts as a means of promoting general education, preserving our cultural heritage and celebrating cultural diversity


• To create and support the creation of new artistic works by and for inner city youth


• To provide inner city youth with career options


• To promote entrepreneurship


• To promote healthy lifestyles

"Inspiring Youth Toward Success" 2020